Water Heater Installation in Red Oak, Iowa

Nothing starts your day on a higher note than a steamy hot shower, and hot water in a kitchen at home or in a workplace is essential. In this modern world, there are many options to choose from when considering a hot water heater installation. Naturally, all our needs are different both at home and in our working environment, and many factors influence our decisions. From a small and simple residential water heater installation that is cost-effective and energy-efficient, to a commercial water heater installation that requires large volumes of water to be heated at a more rapid pace, we can do it!

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A New Water Heater Installation to Suit Your Home and Business Needs

Considering that each of our homes has been designed to suit our individual needs, and we have likely adjusted our workspace to make us more comfortable and productive, our water heater installation or even our water heater replacement shouldn’t be any different. Understanding the difference between a tank water heater system and a tankless water heater system will help you decide what the best option is. Whether you need a residential water heater installation or commercial water heater installation, we offer the best service in Red Oak. Here are some guidelines to follow when considering a water heater installation or a water heater replacement for your home. 

Choosing The Right Power Source

Choosing the right source of power to supply your new water heater installation is important. 

  • Using a municipal gas line may be convenient and cost-effective if it is already installed in your home, but if not, your water heater installation cost will increase. 
  • A gas supply will also be constant and won’t be affected by unexpected power outages. 
  • Gas is a quick heating method, lowering your energy consumption and monthly cost.
  • Electricity, unfortunately, won’t be a reliable source when experiencing power outages and will take longer than gas to heat your water. 
  • However, an electric water heater installation will cost much less. 
  • An electric system is also more durable and requires less maintenance.

Whatever heating method you find best for your home or business, contact Jones Mechanical when considering a water heater installation in Red Oak. 

Signs That You Need a Water Heater Replacement.

  • Nothing lasts forever, and often an old water heater may cost you more to maintain than to replace with a new one.
  • You may find that your water heater is breaking down more often and has a constant need for repairs
  • Your energy consumption will increase as your water heater is working harder to do the same amount of work or not heating your water at all.
  • Your water is discolored or has a foul odor.
  • Noises or leaks that were never experienced before.

If you are experiencing any of the above, you may need to consider a water heater replacement. Call Jones Mechanical for a competitive price on your water heater installation.

Tank Water Heater Installations in Red Oak

A tank water heater system uses a large tank to store water and is regulated by a thermostat. This water is distributed into the appropriate rooms via a piping system.


  • Its temperature is constant and ready for use on demand. 
  • Ideal for large households or businesses where water usage is high. With a large amount of hot water available, in the event of a power outage, you will still have hot water.


  • Tanks usually take up large amounts of space.
  • Because these tanks are large, they take a long time to heat up if all the water is used, making them less energy efficient.
  • Since the water may take longer to heat up, you could be left without hot water for long periods of time.

Tankless Water Heater Installations in Red Oak


  • A tankless water heater installation is more durable and needs less maintenance. Therefore, it is a better investment.
  • No need for large water storage tanks that take up unnecessary space. 
  • Without the need to heat a large volume of water, a tankless water heater installation is more energy-efficient. 


  • Not ideal for high-usage homes or businesses.
  • With unexpected power outages, you will be left with no hot water.

Reliable Water Heater Installations in Red Oak

At Jones Mechanical, we pride ourselves on customer relationships. Our technicians are equipped with both in-depth knowledge and 20 years of experience in water heating installations and water heating replacement. Specializing in both residential water heater installation and commercial water heater installation. If you are looking for reliable water heating installation services in Red Oak, look no further. We comply with all water heater installation code requirements, and our team is willing to go the extra mile to deliver customer satisfaction. 

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