Heat Pump Maintenance & Tune-Ups in Red Oak, Iowa

When your heat pump breaks down, your first call will likely be to your HVAC technician. However, you may not think to call for yearly maintenance, especially if your heat pump is running without any problems. If tune-ups haven’t been a regular part of caring for your heat pump, it may be time to consider how they can benefit your home or business. At Jones Mechanical, we offer heat pump tune-ups and maintenance with the goal of helping you keep repair and replacement costs lower and making your space more comfortable. 


What is Heat Pump Maintenance? 


You can think of HVAC maintenance as a check-up for your heating system. Check-ups are something you schedule with your doctor every year to make sure you don’t have any hidden health problems. Similarly, heat pump maintenance allows us to check on your heat pump often and find potential problems. Since many people in Iowa use their heat pumps year-round to both cool and heat their homes and businesses, parts can get worn out more quickly. 


Do You Need a Tune-Up? 


It can be hard to think of spending money on heat pump tune ups if you aren’t sure whether they are necessary for your system or not. There are many reasons that we recommend annual or even biannual maintenance for your heat pump. Tune ups can extend the lifespan of your system. If you don’t want to have to worry about a heat pump replacement in the next few years, tune ups are the best way to help your system last 20 years or more. 


A tune-up can also limit the number of heat pump repairs that your system will need. When you schedule HVAC maintenance, you won’t run into some of the more major breakdowns such as a broken blower motor or evaporator coil. Maintenance will protect these parts from getting damaged. Another important consideration is your warranty. Most heat pump warranties require regular maintenance or they won’t cover broken parts. 


Maintenance and Tune-Up Services at Jones Mechanical


At Jones Mechanical, we want to extend the lifespan of your heat pump and make your home or business more comfortable. It is never fun when we have to perform a heat pump replacement on a system that is not very old. We would rather see you once or twice a year for heat pump maintenance than have to let you know that you need a new heat pump. 


With every heat pump tune up, you are getting high-quality services from technicians who have years of industry experience. We are locally owned and operated, and we want to bring the best services to homes and businesses in and around Red Oak. Whether you call us for a heat pump repair or regular maintenance, we back up our services with our 100% Service Satisfaction Guarantee. We are here to ensure that you get reliable heating and cooling from your heat pump all year long. 


What Is Included in Your Heat Pump Maintenance?


When we arrive for a heat pump tune up, we work through a detailed checklist of preventative maintenance items. First, we will do a safety check to make sure there are no dangerous problems with any of the major components. We will clean the condensate drain, condenser coil, and drain line. We will also lubricate moving parts in your heat pump to prevent damage during operation. We will change your filter, check refrigerant levels and look for leaks, and make any adjustments or minor repairs as needed. 


At the end of the appointment, we will let you know if there are any further repairs that need to be taken care of before your heat pump is safe to run for another season. You will always get accurate estimates for all of our services so that you can plan for any repairs or replacements. 


Keeping Your Heat Pump Healthy in Between Tune-Ups


If you are in between HVAC tune ups, there is still a lot you can do to help your heat pump run as efficiently as possible. Here are some tips for DIY heat pump maintenance. 


  • Make sure to change your air filter regularly. Depending on where you live and whether you have any pets, you may want to consider changing it every 1-3 months. 
  • Keep weeds and bushes away from your outdoor unit. This will help air to flow more freely. 
  • Remove snow and ice from your outdoor unit when it collects. 
  • Open all of your indoor vents to keep airflow flowing as it was designed. 
  • Call for repairs when you notice any problems. 


At Jones Mechanical, we want to form Everlasting Customer Relationships by taking care of our customers. After we are done servicing your heat pump, it will run efficiently through the rest of the season. If it is time for your biannual heat pump preventative maintenance services, call us today.