Drain Cleaning in Red Oak, IOWA

Likely, as a homeowner, you have experienced a clogged or slow-moving drain.Red Oak Drain Cleaning Service While attempting to tackle the issue yourself may be tempting, you risk causing more problems with your home’s plumbing system. Also, poisonous chemicals are harmful to your pipes and your family’s health.

Let Jones Mechanical in Red Oak, IA, keep you from making a potentially costly mistake with our drain cleaning services. We have over 20 years of experience in the industry, with our technicians being highly skilled and experienced. We arrive prepared and ready to tackle any job. And we service both home and commercial drains.

What’s Included in Our Drain Cleaning Services?

Drains receive hair, toothpaste, soaps, food, grease, dirt, and other gunk every day. It’s understandable and expected that they would clog or become smelly at some point. Jones Mechanical in Red Oak, IA, will address your issues quickly and efficiently. Our drain cleaning services cover the following areas:

  • Kitchen drains
  • Bathroom drains
  • Floor drains
  • Garbage disposal drains
  • Smelly drains

Our plumbers will evaluate the health of your drains. In the process, they will identify any issues or potential issues to be addressed during the drain cleaning process. With an experienced plumber like the ones you find at Jones Mechanical, your drains will be functioning properly again in no time!

Signs of a Clogged Drain

Clogged drains are very common and, when caught early, usually can be cleared up with no extensive damage done to your plumbing system. But if left, that clog could cause damage to your plumbing system or other areas of your home, should the clog cause water to overflow. That tiny, inexpensive fix just caused a big, expensive problem. Common signs of a clogged drain are:

  • Bubbling noises coming from your drains
  • Water backing up into your sinks, shower, bathtub, or commode
  • Foul smells coming from the drains
  • Puddles of water on the floor near drains
  • Slow draining water

If you notice any of these clogged drain signs, call us, and we will promptly fix the cause. 

What You Can Expect from Jones Mechanical Drain Cleaning Services

You’ve got a clog, and you’re already stressed out. When you call us at Jones Mechanical, you can expect a courteous, honest, and knowledgeable plumber to arrive at your home. We understand if you’re worried about the unknown, so allow us to set your mind at ease. Here’s a breakdown of what we’ll do when we come by for drain cleaning.


Our plumbers will conduct a pipe inspection to learn how the water is running in your home. They may detect an issue, such as a leak, during this step. Once they determine the cause of your clog, they will draw up a plan of action, which will include how to fix any additional problems found during the inspection. 


Jones Mechanical plumbers use cameras to see what is going on inside your pipes. They will run the camera through your drain system, allowing them to see the clog and determine how to fix it.  


We may attempt to unclog your drain with a plunger. If the clog doesn’t clear, we’ll move onto the following tool in our arsenal.

Manual Drain Snake

If our plumbers can’t plunge your pipes free, we’ll use a manual drain snake. These long cables resemble a snake and have a corkscrew at the end used to break through clogs.  

Motorized Drain Snake

If your pipes are big or the clog is really stubborn, our experts at Jones Mechanical may use a motorized snake. This tool operates like the manual drain snake, but the motor gives it more power to push through the clog. 


Also similar to the snake is the drain auger. Our team will use augers on larger pipes. 


Our team is prepared to perform hydro-jetting if necessary. In this process, pressured water is sent through the drains to break up the clog. Additionally, hydro-jets are effective at cleaning drains, which will help prevent any clogs in the near future.

Cable Cleaning

Cable cleaning consists of spinning blades on the end of a cable to cut through clogs. Our plumbers use these tools on all types of plumbing jobs in residential homes or commercial buildings.

The Best Plumber Near Me: Jones Mechanical

At Jones Mechanical, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Do you live in Red Oak, IA, or just outside of it? Don’t worry. We operate within a 60-mile radius of Red Oak, IA.

Have you had trouble with untrustworthy plumbers in the past? Again, don’t worry. Everyone on our plumbing team is fully licensed and insured, and we are known for our honesty and transparency with customers. Give us a call today and let us know how we can help your plumbing get where it needs to be.