Furnace Installation and Replacement in Red Oak, IOWA

Homeowners in Red Oak, IA, understand the importance of keeping their heating system in top condition. No one wants their family to be without a functional heater during the cold, snowy, windy winters here.

If your heating system needs maintenance, or you want a new furnace or new HVAC system installed, we will make sure the job is handled professionally and efficiently. We want you to be comfortable in your home or business year-round.

Jones Mechanical, Inc. is a locally owned company, and we proudly serve residential and business customers in Red Oak, IA, and surrounding areas. We are a fully licensed and insured contractor with over 20 years of experience in the industry.

Whatever your furnace needs, our skilled technicians will provide prompt, professional customer service and workmanship. Before the cold weather sets in, contact the experts at Jones Mechanical, Inc. to have your system checked, repaired, or replaced.

Furnace Replacement and Installation Options

When you need a new furnace, new heater, or new HVAC system, there are three options.  You can generally choose electric, oil, or gas-powered systems. Here are some things to consider when making this decision:

Electric Furnaces

Electric furnace installation is less expensive than installing a gas or oil unit. Since these furnaces generate heat with electricity, no gas lines are needed. This setup means the installation process is quicker.

The downside of an electric furnace is the operating cost. Although electricity is more expensive than natural gas or oil, it is a safe, reliable source of heat.

Oil Furnaces

An oil furnace will provide safe, efficient heat at lower prices than electric units. The fuel used in these units is non-explosive, so you can feel safe in your Red Oak, IA, home, or business. Oil furnaces are a good choice for furnace replacement because they provide more heat per gallon than a gas furnace which results in lower fuel costs.

Using oil heat has a few disadvantages to consider. For example, you’ll need an on-site tank to store the oil. Also, oil heat produces soot that must be cleaned regularly.

Gas Furnaces

Homeowners choose gas furnaces because the fuel is cheaper than electricity. Also, gas furnaces warm up in a shorter amount of time, making them an ideal choice for the cold Red Oak, IA, winters. Natural gas is easily stored and transported and produces less pollution than oil heat.

At Jones Mechanical, Inc., our technicians are licensed and extensively trained in gas furnace installation to ensure your home or business has efficient, safe heating when you need it. If you’re considering a gas furnace replacement, contact us to schedule an appointment.

Importance of Professional Furnace Installation

Furnace replacement and installation is a complex process. An untrained person may make mistakes that can lead to issues such as improper drainage or gas leaks. Proper installation may involve modifications to ductwork, gas lines, or electrical wiring that should only be done by a trained individual.

Our technicians will perform several tests to ensure your new system is running properly. The installation process should take between four and eight hours if no major modifications are needed, but we won’t leave until we know your unit is running smoothly and safely.

Trust the Experts at Jones Mechanical, Inc. for Your Furnace Installation and Replacement

Keeping your home or business warm during the harsh Iowa winters is a priority, so you need fast, reliable service when something goes wrong with your unit. At the first sign of trouble, contact Jones Mechanical, Inc. We will assess the problem and discuss the options for repairing or replacing your heater.

If your unit needs replacing, we can help you choose a system that is right for your home or business. Our team will handle the entire installation process with as little disruption to your routine as possible. We offer flexible financing options to help you get the expert installation services you deserve.

Don’t put off furnace installation because you don’t know who to trust. Contact us at Jones Mechanical, Inc. to learn more about our expert furnace repair, maintenance, and replacement services.