Leak Repair in Red Oak, Iowa

There are a few things that are more annoying than a leak. The terrible dripping sounds and the constant puddles make your house messy and even dangerous. Not to mention the increased water bill from all the water wastage. 

Water leak repair may seem like an inconvenience, but with Jones Mechanical, it’s never been easier. We will take care of leaks and make sure they never come back! If there are pipes, we cover them – from kitchen leak repair to bathroom leak repair.

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Dangers of Neglecting Leak Repair

If the leak is small, it may seem easier to forget about it. However, leaks cause severe damage that can lead to costly repairs and replacements. Leaks erode surfaces. As the water drops on the surface and runs off, tiny pieces from the surface are carried away with it. Over time, the damage will be noticeable and expensive to mend.

Leaks cause erosion that affects your property, but they can also affect your health. Leaks can lead to a build-up of mold and bacteria. If you suffer from asthma and other lung conditions, mold can aggravate it. Mold also damages the structure of your house.

As you can see, small leaks pack a bigger punch than you think.

Possible Causes of Leaks

It’s not always obvious to see where the leak is coming from. You may be able to spot the origin of a leak in your house, but at times, leaks are coming from pipes that are hidden away. If you notice an unexplainable increase in your water bill or if you see strange puddles around your property, you probably have a leak somewhere.  

Possible causes include broken or worn washers and valve seals, corroded pipes, faulty plumbing, or improper installation of plumbing parts. The extent of the leak repair depends on the cause and severity. 

The cause may not be easy to spot. That is why we offer expert pipe leak repair services. Our experienced team will be able to determine the cause and place of origin and take care of all water leak repairs on your property. 

Types of Leak Repair 

Don’t let your leaks get the better of you. Seal them up before they get out of hand. Jones Mechanical has all pipe leak repairs under control, no matter how big or small. 


The kitchen is there for the preparation of food. A leak that is causing a build-up of mold and bacteria in your kitchen is unhygienic and may even lead to your family getting sick. In a kitchen, the pipes under the sink are the primary suspects for leaks. If you notice water in or around the cupboards of your kitchen sink, check the pipes for visible signs of a leak. If none are present, call Jones Mechanical today for a thorough inspection of your kitchen to determine the cause of the leak. 

We will then offer a leak repair solution and quotation. Not only will we fix your current leak, but we will also make sure it doesn’t return anytime soon. Leave it to our friendly professionals to take care of it.


There is a lot of pipework going on in your bathroom. Most of which endure immense water pressure. It is normal for pipes in the bathroom to wear out over time. The washers and seals are subject to constant erosion. Water puddles on your bathroom tiles are a slipping hazard for the whole family. As soon as your notice the leak, call Jones Mechanical immediately to make your bathroom safe again. 

It may be harder to find the source of the leak if it seems to come from your bath shower. Thankfully, our trained plumbers know how to determine the source and fix it so it doesn’t bother you again. 

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You may want to take a shot at fixing the leak yourself and we commend you for that, but leaking pipes are not always an easy fix. Attempting to tighten seals may break the pipe further. DIY solutions may fix the problem temporarily, but a professional plumber will find a permanent fix, so your pipes stay dry for longer. 

Don’t be caught in a situation where your leaks cause you unnecessary anxiety and stress. Keep your family healthy and safe by calling Jones Mechanical today to handle all your leak repairs. We guarantee the most reliable service in Red Oak, IA. Keeping our clients satisfied is our number one priority. Our skilled plumbers take pride in their jobs and strive to offer you the best solutions out there! 

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