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It’s easyHamburg Plumbing Services to forget about your plumbing. That’s the ideal in life, to have your home’s water system working so effectively that it allows you to focus on the things that matter. But when that’s no longer the case, when that drain clogs or that drip keeps dripping, you need action and you need it now. 

At Jones Mechanical, we work to fulfill every plumbing need in the Hamburg area. If you have a plumbing repair or a replacement, or are just looking for some long-overdue maintenance on your system, we’re here for you. 

Below are some of the most common problems we face on a day-to-day basis. Not sure what your plumbing issue is? Give us a call, we’re sure we can figure out what you need. These are some of the household havocs we handle often. 

Water – Ice Cold, Flooding, or Nowhere to be Seen?

Water is a vital part of our everyday life. We use it for bathing and cooking, and providing for both us and the ones we love. But what happens when our water runs freezing, rushes out of the pipes, or is even reduced to a measly drip in a faucet? Try not to panic. Jones Mechanical is here to help. 

Cold Rush

Hot water shortages are common, especially after someone takes a shower. But if the water is unable to rebuild heat in a normal span of time, there may be an issue with the water heater. Our plumbers can examine your water heater and, through a little trouble shooting, figure out the problem. 

It might not be the disaster you’re expecting. It could be a simple broken valve, or even an issue of the heater being too small to accommodate for your household. And if that’s the case, we can even guide you through the process of upgrading to one of our tankless water heaters, which will save you space and increase your output of hot water. 

Hung Dry

If you find yourself without water, that’s absolutely something that shouldn’t be ignored. If you are the only home in your neighborhood with a plumbing issue of that magnitude, it can be a sign of a more serious problem, and every day you put off getting repairs is potentially 90 gallons of water wasted. 

It could be a backup, a leak, or an issue with the mainline that’s keeping water from flowing through your system. You won’t know until you call, so call us today, and we can come for a plumbing inspection to check your system and prevent any significant damage to your home’s foundation. 

Bursting at the Seams

You’ve heard that faucet dripping, giving your dreams a maddening metronome backdrop. You’ve spotted that leaking pipe under the sink or in the basement that’s continuing to leak, but perhaps not as strongly as you will to ignore it. These are all minor annoyances at face value, but it’s nothing a well placed rag, bowl or bucket can solve, right? 

Every plumbing system develops leaks after enough time. But when those leaks are left unattended, they can cause lasting damage to your home. That yellow spot on the ceiling isn’t getting any smaller, as much as you try and tell yourself it has. 

It’s a normal occurrence that’s easy to take care of, and we can take care of it for you. Our plumbers will assess the issue and find it, correcting leaks even hidden in the walls or under the foundation. 

Plumbing Installations

We love the handyfolk of Hamburg, but there are some jobs that require a professional. And when you’re faced with an overwhelming amount of choices and possibilities in your fixtures and appliances, not to mention the risks of future leaks due to improper installation, it may feel like you have nowhere to turn. Our Hamburg plumbers have the same determination you do for a job done right, and we’re here to help! 

We can work with you in installing: 

  • Showers and tubs 
  • Washing machines
  • Tankless water heaters
  • Sinks and dishwashers
  • And more! 

If you have an appliance or home feature that requires installation, let Jones Mechanical get the job done safely and efficiently.

Plumbing Inspections

Just like making regular appointments with the dentist or doctor, your home’s pipes need a check up every now and then. A plumbing inspection every few years is vital to maintaining a healthy system and preventing major damage.

Even if you don’t have a house, but are looking to buy, skip searching the web for plumbing repair in Hamburg and make an appointment with Jones Mechanical. We inspect the entirety of your potential new home’s system, even the parts hidden or running under your foundation. Buying a home is a big investment, and we can help you get the peace of mind you need to make that next step in life. 

Call Jones Mechanical for Trusted Plumbing Services in Hamburg

You’ve done a lot already. You assessed that the problem in your home is more than grit and a few online tutorials can take care of. You researched for a “plumber near me,” and landed on our page. And we’re so glad you’re here! 

Our plumbers are local. They know this town, they love this town, and they’re dedicated to caring for the houses and people that inhabit it. So call us at Jones Mechanical today and start a conversation. We think you’ll like what we have to say.