Plumbing Services in Stanton, Iowa

When something goes wrong with the plumbing in your home, you may be tempted to try to fix it yourself. Sometimes it can be hard to know when to DIY and when to call professional plumbers in Stanton. More often than not, a quick call to the experts can save you hours of work and multiple frustrating trips to the hardware store.

Depending on the issue, trying to fix plumbing without in-depth knowledge of your system can lead to even more damage. While you may be comfortable performing basic plumbing repairs, there are certain repairs and replacements that should be left for professional plumbing services to handle. Learn more about how your local plumbers can serve you below.

Perpetual or Stubborn Clogs

Slow-moving drains and completely blocked ones may need the help of a professional to fix. Store-bought drain cleaners may give the illusion of working, but they really just create a hole through the junk or push it further down the line. For stubborn clogs deep down in your shower drain, sink drain, or appliance drain, a professional drain cleaning is the best long-term solution. This will completely rid your drains of stubborn debris and bad smells.

Toilet Malfunctions

Toilet troubles that may need a professional look include flushing issues, continual running, and imbalanced refills. These problems can signal deeper issues within the toilet that may be beyond the scope of a typical repair. A trained professional, however, can quickly solve the issue and present quality repair options. A plumber can also help replace broken chains, repair leaks, and more.

Sewage Line Breaks

There is no mistaking a sewage line break. You may identify the overwhelming stench coming from your backyard or from your drains when this occurs, and it is important to call a professional right away to mitigate the mess.

In many cases, a qualified expert can fix a sewer line from the inside rather than having to tear up your yard to reach the damage. Their specialized equipment can internally repair tree root damage, small cracks, and other issues. The sooner they are called in for service, the better chance your sewer line has at a simple repair.

Drips and Leaks

If you have tried fixing a faucet drip or pipe leak with no luck, it may be time to call in an expert to help you solve the issue once and for all. There isn’t much a professional hasn’t seen when it comes to drips and leaks, so they can often diagnose and repair it in no time.

Pipe Bursts

While a leaky pipe is inconvenient, a burst pipe is an all-out emergency. Besides water damage to the surroundings, a burst pipe can render parts of your home unusable while the pipe is out of order. Skilled Stanton plumbers are ready to tackle burst pipe emergencies no matter where they are located in your home.

Older homes with outdated piping may be more at risk for pipe bursts the longer these pipes are in use. A thorough inspection from a qualified technician can help you determine when your pipes need to be replaced before they start having issues. You can upgrade your pipes for peace of mind with the help of a professional plumber.

Water Heater Problems

A homeowner can drain their water heater themselves as long as they have the right type of hose to attach to the tank. However, when the water heater starts acting up, it is best to call a professional for repair and replacement. Gas and electric water heaters can pose a risk to homeowners if these lines are tampered with during repair. A trained professional will know to avoid these power sources and take proper precautions before working on your tank.

A sudden loss of hot water may not require a total replacement. Sometimes a simple repair is all that is needed to restore hot water to your home. If your tank is nearing the 10-year mark, however, it will likely need a replacement sooner rather than later. If you aren’t sure whether you need repair or replacement, a plumbing repair specialist can inspect your tank for signs of wear and tear and review with you your options. You may also want to look into tankless water heaters and water softeners for more efficient water heating methods.

New Installations

Malfunctioning faucets and outdated fixtures may be lurking in your home waiting to be replaced. Perhaps you have picked out new ones only to find that they don’t match your home’s current plumbing and don’t fit. The next time you are looking to install new hardware in your kitchen or bathroom, a professional plumber can come to inspect your plumbing and let you know what options will best fit your system. They can also expertly install the new fixtures so you don’t get any nasty surprises when you go to turn on the faucet for the first time after installation.