Commercial HVAC Services in Red Oak, Iowa

Business owners and commercial property owners have many things to worry about on a regular basis, and the sudden appearance of a heating, cooling, or ventilation issue can disrupt business operations and lead to costly repair work. Jones Mechanical technicians have the training and experience to handle the most complicated commercial HVAC problems. If your business or commercial property experiences a furnace breakdown, air conditioning equipment failure, or any other heating or cooling problem, Jones Mechanical can help.


Our technicians have experience working with all the leading brands of heating equipment, and we can quickly and accurately diagnose your heating system problems so you can get back to business. Some of the heating issues we handle include:

  • Furnace repair, replacement, and installation.
  • Regular tune-ups and maintenance.
  • New equipment recommendations.
  • Part replacement.


You need to keep your customers, clients, and employees safe and comfortable, and your cooling system has a big job. If the cooling system on your commercial property fails, Jones Mechanical can quickly diagnose the issue and get your building back to comfortable temperatures as soon as possible. Our cooling services include:

  • Equipment installation.
  • Cooling system diagnosis and tune-ups.
  • Upgrade recommendations.
  • Ventilation repair.
  • Part replacement.

These are just a few of the heating and cooling services available for commercial properties from Jones Mechanical.

Cutting Operating Costs

A properly functioning heating and cooling system is a benefit to any commercial property or business. A heating and cooling system running at optimal efficiency will last longer, cause fewer problems, and consume less energy than a dysfunctional system. Jones Mechanical can help you identify problem areas with your commercial property’s heating and cooling system so they don’t cause bigger issues down the road. If you’re spending too much on your utility bills, we can help you look at upgrade options to potentially lower your monthly energy bills.

Jones Mechanical offers commercial heating and cooling services to our customers in Red Oak, Malvern, Elliot, Shenandoah, and many other service areas throughout Iowa. If you notice any heating or cooling problems in your commercial property, contact Jones Mechanical as soon as possible.