Heating Repair in Red Oak

Jones Mechanical offers a full range of heating repair services to the customers in our Iowa service areas. If you notice an issue with a furnace, heat pump, electric heating equipment, or an auxiliary heating unite (AHU), we can help. Contact Jones Mechanical today to schedule a visit from one of our expert technicians or to receive a quote for the heating repair work you need. We offer heating repair services to Red Oak, Elliot, Shenandoah, and several other areas in Iowa.


Jones Mechanical offers top-of-the-line heating system equipment from the leading manufacturers to our Iowa customers. If your furnace seems to struggle to keep your property warm, does not function correctly, or seems to be causing unpleasant issues inside your property, you should see to the matter promptly by calling an expert technician before the problem escalates.

Heat Pumps

Your heat pump may do a great job of keeping your property at optimal temperatures, but if something goes wrong with a heat pump you will notice it quickly. Jones Mechanical technicians can diagnose and repair most common heat pump issues and even help you select a new heat pump if necessary. We can handle new equipment installation so you can rest assured knowing your new heat pump will function at its best for years to come.

Electric Heating Systems

If your property uses electric heat, our technicians can handle these problems, too. Jones Mechanical technicians have experience will all major brands of electric heating equipment and we can even help you explore upgrades and other options to reduce your electricity consumption while keeping your property at comfortable temperatures.


Many properties have AHUs, and these devices can help keep a property at ideal temperatures or even provide zoned temperature control throughout a property. If your AHU stops working or seems to be struggling, call Jones Mechanical today to see how our team can help.