Heat Pump Repair in Red Oak, Iowa

Your heat pump is an essential part of your home’s comfort. When your heat pump breaks down, you might be stuck in the heat or cold, in an irritating or even dangerous situation if you don’t call for repairs. 

But heat pumps aren’t something that every HVAC contractor has experience with. You want a knowledgeable, trustworthy technician when you need heat pump repair.

If you’re dealing with heat pump problems in Red Oak, IA, we can help. The expert HVAC contractors at Jones Mechanical are dedicated to quality heat pump repair. We’re more than qualified to repair heat pumps of all kinds, and we guarantee that we’ll get you precisely the service you’re looking for. 

Common Heat Pump Problems

While heat pumps are considered reliable climate control systems, you’ll likely run into technical difficulties at some point. We suggest that you get in touch with an expert if you have heat pump problems, as DIY solutions could lead to even more expensive repairs in the future. 

If you recognize any of these issues with your heat pump, call Jones Mechanical for heat pump repair services.

Uneven Heating and Cooling

If your pump is running but the room still feels way too cold or hot, there could be several issues that need to be addressed. You may have build-up in your air ducts, which would block the airflow into the room. There’s also a chance that you need to change your filter or have your heat pump professionally cleaned and serviced. 

Because uneven temperatures can stem from so many problems, we recommend calling an expert to come and evaluate the situation.

Strange Noises

Heat pumps might make a bit of noise here and there, but they aren’t supposed to disrupt your day with banging, rattling, or screeching. These strange noises could indicate that you have a loose or broken part. The only way to be sure is to call an expert technician to diagnose the issue.

Strange Smells

Contrary to noises, your heat pump should never give off an odor, especially if it smells musty. A moldy smell could mean that you have the fungus somewhere in your unit, and it might be causing damage to your heat pump. Over time, this can also affect your health, so it’s essential to get it checked out. 

A burning smell is usually something much more severe and should not go ignored. If you experience this, turn your heat pump off and have it inspected by a professional right away.

Our Heat Pump Repair Promise

Not all technicians have what it takes to repair heat pumps. At Jones Mechanical, we work hard on replacing, repairing, and installing all kinds of heat pumps for homeowners in Red Oak, IA. 

We guarantee that no matter the scope of your repair needs, we’re confident we can find a fix for you, and fast. Our top priority is getting your heat pump working at peak efficiency, as well as making sure it stays that way as long as possible.

We’re not your average HVAC company. We’re committed to getting your heat pump more than just fixed—we strive for nothing less than optimal performance. Our HVAC technicians are trained to check for all kinds of issues during your repair. This process includes investigating your equipment for:

  • Any airflow issues or blockages
  • Electrical problems
  • Problems with the initial installation
  • Mold, debris, or other contaminants that may affect performance 

Jones Mechanical guarantees that your heat pump will be fully serviced. We promise to handle all your repairs with care and professionalism, so you can feel confident in your choice to work with us and start feeling comfortable again.

Avoiding Heat Pump Problems

Preventative care is equally as important as a quality repair. Once we’ve finished our repairs, we’ll help your home stay comfortable by scheduling maintenance. We may work to repair heat pumps, but we’ll also work just as hard to keep you from needing repairs. 

We recommend that you get in touch with us for maintenance at least once a year. With an annual or semiannual inspection and tune-up, your heat pump will stay healthy and hardy in any weather. 

And with more visits, we’ll be able to catch any problems before they become expensive repairs. Fewer heat pump repairs mean you’ll save some serious time and money. 

Call Jones Mechanical for Quality Heat Pump Repair Services

If you have heat pump problems, don’t hesitate to call for repairs. You deserve nothing but the best service from a licensed and qualified HVAC contractor. 

At Jones Mechanical, we’re here to offer the Red Oak, IA, community all kinds of heat pump repair services. Call us today to learn more, and we’ll schedule your visit with a technician. 

We can help your house feel more like a home again.