AC Replacement in Red Oak, IA

It may be time for an AC replacement. On a perfect summer day, it’s great to be able to get out and enjoy the sunshine. But at the end of the day, you want to come back to a home that’s perfectly air conditioned. It’s hard to get comfortable for a good night’s sleep when it’s almost as hot inside as it is outside. We have a solution for you that will keep your entire house cool even on the warmest days. Our AC replacement services in Red Oak and nearby areas are a good way to make sure you’re getting an air conditioner that is right for your home. 

Do You Need an AC Replacement?

Unless you are building a new home, you probably already have an air conditioner. The fact that you’re searching for air conditioning replacement might mean you’ve been having problems with your old one. Having a broken air conditioner doesn’t mean you automatically need a replacement. Sometimes it makes sense to repair your AC. But there are a few situations where an air conditioning replacement makes more sense. Here are a few of those circumstances:

You Have an Older AC 

It might not make sense to repair your AC if it’s already 15 years old. Most air conditioners only last around 10-15 years, so it makes sense that it would start breaking down around this time. If you’ve had a good AC technician, they may have already prepared you for needing to replace it around this time. 

AC Repair Costs Are High

Sometimes something major breaks down on an air conditioner. What you were expecting to cost a small amount suddenly turns into a major repair. When AC replacement cost makes more sense than paying a lot of money to replace major components, that might be the route we suggest. 

Energy Costs Are High

When your AC starts getting a little old and worn out, it can start making your energy bills soar. As soon as you have your AC replacement, you’ll be able to save money every month. It will start to pay off right away. 

Your House is Uncomfortable = It may be time for an AC Replacement

When an air conditioner starts to wear out for good, you’ll notice that it’s really hard for your AC to make your whole home cool. You’ll have rooms that don’t quite cool off or you might even notice that the system runs all day without ever bringing your house down to the right temperature. 

How Do You Choose the Right Air Conditioner?

If you are ready to schedule your air conditioner replacement, you can work with us first to find the right AC. First you’ll want to decide on the type of AC you need. Do you need a central AC, a mini-split system, a heat pump, or something else? Next you’ll figure out the size. This can be tricky because you don’t want something that’s too big OR too small. We’ll take a look at your home and tell you what size we recommend. 

At Jones Mechanical, all of the units we install are efficient and have excellent performance. We don’t install something unless we trust the brand and know it’s going to work for you. We offer the best brands and we’re also a Trane-registered dealer. 

What to Expect From Our AC Replacement Services

When you’ve selected the new unit you want for your AC installation, it’s time for us to get to work! We schedule a time to come and we stick to that time. We won’t be late and we won’t keep you waiting. Next, we’ll take out your old AC and get your home ready for the new one. We’ll put in your new one, test it, and give you a chance to make sure you’re happy with the airflow throughout your home. 

We don’t want your air conditioner replacement to be a burden for you, especially since it’s a necessity during the summer. That’s why we offer financing through Turns Financing and GreenSky. They will give you flexible payment plans that will fit what you are looking for. 

Trust Our Team at Jones Mechanical for your AC Replacement!

When you’re ready for an AC installation in your home, you have a whole team of people at Jones Mechanical Inc. that is ready to support you. Whether you have questions about AC replacement cost or you want to get started with the process right away, we will move at your speed. 

As a family-owned business, we are known for our friendliness. After all, we want to build everlasting customer relationships. We know the only way to do this is through service that can be relied on time and time again. We are proud of the relationships we’ve already built and we are excited to help you out, too. 

If the time has come to replace your old AC, we are just a phonecall away. Contact us today for more info.