Thermostats & Zone Control in Red Oak, IOWA

The thermostat in your home allows you to control the interior temperature of the home, but did you know that new technology can actually provide you with more extensive control over your home’s temperature, and even allow you to control the temperatures of different zones of your home? Jones Mechanical offers a full range of air conditioning services to our customers throughout our Iowa service areas, including help with thermostats and zone control installation.

Thermostat Services

Does your thermostat seem to disregard your inputs, or have you noticed the temperature display conflicts with other temperature readings? These could be signs that your thermostat is outdated or broken, leading to frustration and higher utility bills from working your system too hard. If your thermostat cannot read internal temperatures correctly, the cooling system will not function at the necessary level to keep temperatures optimal.

Jones Mechanical technicians can handle thermostat repair or the installation of a new thermostat system, giving you an accurate readout of the internal temperature of your home. If you want additional control and greater savings on your utility bills, we can also handle zone control installation.

What is Zone Control?

A typical air conditioning system will cool a home to the same internal temperatures throughout all areas of the home. However, some zones may require more cooling than others, causing the air conditioning system to work harder and resulting in inconsistent internal temperatures between different areas inside the home.

With zone control, you can designate different temperature settings for different areas of your home. For example, do you want to keep your basement cool, but prefer it warmer in your bedroom? Or is there an area of your home you don’t use often, so you don’t want to keep spending money cooling the air that much in that area? Zone control allows you to customize temperature settings for different zones of your home, and Jones Mechanical can help.