Sewer Line Replacement In Red Oak, IA

Sewer lines are built to last, but they willRed Oak Sewer Line Replacement Services require replacement eventually. Whether from age or other factors, sewer lines can fail and lead to serious problems for your home. When you need reliable sewer line replacement here in Red Oak, IA, call the experienced plumbers at Jones Mechanical, Inc.

Do You Need Sewer Line Replacement?

A broken sewer line isn’t a very common plumbing problem to have. Most people will never have to deal with it during their entire time owning their home. Many of the signs indicating the need for sewer line replacement can also come from other issues. The licensed plumbers at Jones Mechanical, Inc, will find just what you need from your reliable “plumber near me.”

Sewage Backing Up

When your sewer line is blocked or has collapsed, flow can be partially or completely blocked. This can lead to sewage backing up your drains, including toilets, sinks, showers, and tubs. Even if this isn’t due to a broken sewer line, you clearly have a plumbing problem that requires immediate professional intervention.

Changes in Your Lawn

If your sewer line is misaligned or otherwise broken, sewage can drain into the ground underneath your lawn instead of continuing on to the municipal system. You might notice patches of particularly green grass or wet spots starting to develop. Eventually, the steady drainage can lead to dips and sinkholes, which can be a serious problem if they’re near your foundation.

Unpleasant Odors and Strange Noises

Depending on where the break is, you might notice the smell of sewage around your home. You can also have unpleasant odors inside your home when gases work their way back through your drains. This can also lead to intermittent gurgling noises coming from your toilets.

If you see any of these signs, you should reach out to Jones Mechanical, Inc, for a sewer line inspection before the problem gets any worse.

The Causes of Broken Sewer Lines

There are many different potential causes for the problems you’re having with your sewer line. Sewer lines can be from a wide variety of materials, including PVC, steel, concrete, clay, cast-iron, and a type of pulp-derived piping called Orangeburg pipes. Each has its own unique drawbacks, but most can last up to 100 years.

Tree Roots

Of all the issues Jones Mechanical, Inc, sees, tree roots are one of the most common problems that require sewer line replacement in Red Oak, IA. 

If roots can begin to work their way into your sewer line, they’ll continue to grow and eventually break or block the line completely. This is particularly common in porous clay pipes, which are most common in older homes.


Steel and cast-iron pipes are made to stand up to corrosion, but it still takes a toll over the years. Calcium and magnesium in your water can cause corrosion and eventually lead to cracks and a complete break of the sewer line.

Natural Causes

The natural freezing and thawing of ground here in Red Oak, IA, can cause sewer line damage. As the ground shifts, it can do so unevenly and put pressure on the pipes. Flooding is another potential natural cause for a broken sewer line.

Our Sewer Line Replacement Process

Any sewer line replacement is a big job that you want to be handled by trusted professionals. Ideally, your new sewer line should last up to 100 years, so it’s well worth taking the time to do it right. Our fully licensed plumbers have the necessary experience to quickly, safely, and effectively handle your sewer line replacement.

Sewer Line Inspection 

We’ll start with a careful inspection of your sewer line to determine if replacement is necessary. Jones Mechanical, Inc, uses the latest video inspection technology to determine the problem and lay out your options.

Sewer Line Replacement

In some cases, sewer line replacement will be necessary. Sewer line replacement might be required depending on the extent of the damage, type of sewer line, and other factors. This means digging up the existing sewer lines to replace them. While this is a more involved process, our professional team can keep it as quick, clean, and convenient as possible.

Book Your Inspection Today

If you’re having trouble with your sewer line, the time to call Jones Mechanical, Inc, is now. Any problems will only worsen over time, and we can find out just what type of repairs or replacement is necessary. Call Jones Mechanical, Inc to book your appointment in Red Oak, IA, today.