Fixture Installation In Red Oak, IOWA

Is your home in need of new bathroom fixtures?red oak faucet installation Whether they’re broken or just outdated, every home can benefit from a brand new shower, sink, or toilet. If you’re in the market for any of these, look no further than Jones Mechanical. We are among the leading plumbing services in the Red Oak area, providing more than a dozen nearby cities with all of their plumbing repairs and replacements.

Our team of experts has extensive experience in bathroom fixture installation. Whether an isolated fixture needs replacement or your entire bathroom needs renovation, we will help you get the process started!

Faucet Installation

Few things are more irritating than a dripping faucet. The professionals at Jones Mechanical can resolve that problem in no time with a repair or new faucet installation. Our technicians will use their expertise to help find the perfect faucet for your bathroom sink and have those drips gone right away.

When Should You Update the Faucet on Your Bathroom Sink?

If your faucet shows the following are signs, it may be time to upgrade to a newer model:

  • There is constant dripping
  • It is more than twenty years old
  • Water flow is irregular
  • It squeaks or makes other noises when in use

Even if there is no problem with your current faucet, our team can just provide you with a quick update for an outdated sink. We understand that everyone wants their home to be as beautiful as possible. You may think a faucet is a minor feature, but that one tiny detail can make a huge difference to the look of your bathroom.

Toilet Installation

Has your house had the same toilet since you moved in decades ago? If your toilet is having issues or it’s just time to upgrade, look no further than our team of experts. We can set you up with a brand new toilet right away. Our team is highly skilled in plumbing services and toilet installation, making it super simple for us to update the most important seat in your home.

Signs Your Toilet Needs to Be Replaced:

It’s not always easy to tell if your toilet just needs a repair or a complete replacement. Look for the following signs from your current toilet to know if it’s time you install a new one:

  • It has needed multiple repairs
  • The tank or bowl is cracked
  • It is constantly running
  • There are frequent clogs or overflows
  • It is uneven or wobbly on its foundation
  • Your water bill is consistently high

Here at Jones Mechanical, we carry a wide variety of the most popular bathroom fixture brands, including toilets. That means you’ll have numerous options when it comes to choosing your brand new porcelain throne.

Shower Fixture Installation and Plumbing

Your shower is easily one of the most crucial features of your home. After all, it’s what gets you prepared for a busy day ahead or helps you wind down after a long day that’s passed. We understand that some people prefer morning showers and others prefer evening showers. Whenever you like to take yours, we can help make the experience that much more enjoyable with a new shower fixture installation.

Why Should I Upgrade My Current Shower?

If you’re wondering if it’s time to make changes to your shower, you will want to consider the following questions:

  • Are there leaking or broken fixtures in the shower?
  • Do you have an ongoing mold problem?
  • Are there chips or cracks in the walls or tub?
  • Is the shower door broken or outdated?
  • Are you satisfied with the appearance of your shower?

The team at Jones Mechanical has extensive experience when it comes to installing the plumbing required for new showers. We set up the plumbing, and once your carpenter has installed your new tub or shower the pros at Jones Mechanical will finish up by installing your beautiful new shower or tub fixtures.  Our team of experts will work with your bathroom remodel contractor to help you get the perfect new shower for your family.

Contact Jones Mechanical for Your New Bathroom Fixture Installation

Have you been googling “plumber near me” for hours? Let us help with your search. As one of Red Oak’s leading plumbing services, we take great pride in our work and are committed to serving your family the best that we can. The technicians at Jones Mechanical are always dedicated to the satisfaction of the customer. With our skillful experts and a large selection of products, we will provide you with the perfect bathroom fixtures for your home’s unique needs.

Even if you just need a plumber near you, we provide general plumbing services to all cities within a 60-mile radius of Red Oak. So if you’re planning a bathroom renovation project or just looking to update one of your fixtures, don’t hesitate to call Jones Mechanical today. Our staff can set you up with an appointment right away to get the process started!