The heating system in your property helps to keep you comfortable during cold weather, but it will rarely pick a convenient time to breakdown and cause you stress and frustration. Instead of dealing with a heating system breakdown, call Jones Mechanical to handle your heating system needs. Our expert technicians have experience with all major brands of heating system equipment and can handle routine maintenance and checkups, equipment repair, and new equipment installation for customers in any of our Iowa service areas.


If you notice your heating system seems to work harder now than it did a few months or weeks ago, or if you notice unpleasant odors whenever the heater turns on, you should have an expert technician inspect your heating system as soon as possible to avoid catastrophic failures. A heater breakdown could leave your property without heat for several days or more. Some heating system problems could also be dangerous, exposing you and your family to carbon monoxide exposure, fire hazards, and more.

Jones Mechanical can help you avoid expensive breakdowns and dangerous safety issues with our wide range of heating system services.

Routine Equipment Inspections

Testing and Calibration

Equipment Repair

New Equipment Installation

Heating System Upgrades

These are just a few of the heating services offered from Jones Mechanical. Our technicians can help you keep your property’s heating system functioning at full strength for as long as possible, diagnose impending device failures, and handle new equipment sales and installation so you can have peace of mind again. If you encounter any type of heating system problem with your property in Griswold, Essex, Elliot, or in any of our other service areas in Iowa, Jones Mechanical can help. Contact us today to learn more about the services we provide or to get an estimate for your heating system issues.

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